«Abstraction is real» (J. Albers, 1966)

GeometriCam uses the iPhone camera as a live video source to generate stylish geometric compositions in real-time. Explore your surroundings through the eyes of geometry and be amazed by shapes and colors that change as you move around: creating abstract masterpieces has never been so fun and easy!


Capture beautifully crisp images and video clips while controlling a powerful GPU-accelerated filtering engine.


Import and process images and video clips straight from your photo albums and export professional-quality content.


Take total control of different stages of non-linear, non-destructive granular editing through innovative and intuitive tools.


Behind the scenes your composition is a grid: use your fingers to change the size and aspect ratio of the cells or benefit from smart tools specifically created to help you adjust, refine and frame the layout.
See complex patterns come true in seconds thanks to a special UI designed to offer a streamlined, one-handed experience.


Enjoy a large variety of shapes to choose from (triangles, squares, diamonds, circles and lines) and see your design moving in a few taps from swiss concrete art to tetris-like scenes, from classic polka dots to pop illustrations.
Specify the properties of the pattern units underlying the composition by means of innovative custom controls and experiment with shapes like never before!


Define the color palette of your artwork and lose yourself in the interplay of shapes and colors.
Generate standard or monochromatic color filters with a single tap or precisely adjust Red, Green and Blue channels.
Modulate the intensity of the filter in order to find the dress that perfectly suits the character of your composition.


Fine-tune the appearance or simply add a finishing touch to your masterpiece.
Reduce the color depth to redefine the style of your design (ideal for retro-game or glitchy looks) or apply standard adjustments such as exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance and fade.
Because details make perfection and perfection is not a detail.


Use carefully crafted presets, shipping with the app to get you started, or create your own so you can save and recall your best achievements.
Remix and merge existing presets by simply choosing one of the countless combinations of their elemental properties (shapes, colors and tuning): more presets is more fun - just roll the dice and enjoy the surprise!


Have fun transforming your creations into sparkling circular compositions with this mesmerizing effect.
Easily zoom in/out or adjust direction, rotation, swirl and joint angle, all in real-time, all using just your fingers. A totally new twist for your abstract masterpieces but beware, it's really addictive.


Give your creations a dose of magic and get even more kaleidoscopic results with this powerful new effect.
Use your fingers to adjust rotation, sampling (the repeating section), slicing (the number of sides) or just zoom in/out. Jump into a world of ever-changing dreamscapes and you'll never want to go back!